How to Generate an Error Report

When you first convert your annual financial report into iXBRL, there is a chance that you get the message “Conversion failed with X errors”. This doesn’t mean, that your files weren’t converted, it is simply a notification that one or more errors has occurred while converting the report.

To figure out which errors have occurred, you can refer to the error report, which you can access in one of two ways:

  • You can download the error report from the ParsePort XBRL Converter; or
  • When you upload your .zip-package to the ParsePort XBRL Inspector, the report is automatically validated, and the error report is generated as part of the overall validation report.

How to Download the Error Report from the ParsePort XBRL Converter

  1. Start by navigating to where you can use your credentials to log in
  2. After logging in, you need to upload the PDF version of your annual report along with the Excel file containing the simplified tags and your financial statements
  3. When your report has been successfully converted it will launch in our viewer
  4. If your report contains any errors a red banner labelled “Conversion failed with X errors” click the link that says “View details”. This will open the error report
  5. Once open you can review the errors in the window or choose “Download full report” to download an HTML version of the error report, which contains further details.

Accessing the Error Report with the ParsePort XBRL Inspector

  1. Start by navigating to where you can use your credentials to log in
  2. After logging in, you are prompted to upload the .zip-file containing your iXBRL report to the Inspector
  3. After your file has been uploaded click the menu item labelled Validation
  4. Scroll down to the headers labelled “Taxonomy package check” and “Linkbase check”. Combined, these lists give you an overview of all the errors contained in your report.
  5. Clicking the document icon labelled with an “X” at the top right corner lets you download an Excel sheet containing the validation report while the icon next to it labelled as a PDF lets you download a PDF version of the validation report.