How to Hypertag the information in the General Data Sheet

Using hypertagging to make the information from your general data sheet light up in your report is a really simple process. All you need is your ESEF tagging template (the Excel file we've provided you with) and the ability to make minor adjustments to the PDF version of your annual financial report.

In this video, Michael Krog walks you through the process of using hypertagging to mark up the information from your General Data sheet. If you prefer a written guide, you can find that further down on this page.

Hypertagging General Data

To hypertag the information in your general data sheet, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Start by opening your your Excel template as well as the PDF version of your annual report in a tool which allows you to add hyperlinks to the PDF;
  2. Navigate to the place in the PDF where you want to apply the hypertag, such as the name of the reporting entity for instance;
  3. Highlight the text you want to hypertag and add the link with your chosen tool. If your tool asks, make sure to use the "invisible rectangle" option as well as specifying that the link should "open a webpage";esef-hypertag-general-data
  4. When prompted to add a URL, you need to find the hypertag in the hypertag column (CA) in your Excel template, and add that.esef-hypertag-general-data-excel
  5. The hypertag should look something like the code below, of course with variation depending on which element you are attempting to tag;
    ="pp://General Data/"&INDEX(PP_Lovale;ROW();1)&"?taxonomy="&PP_TaxonomyId&"&labellanguage=en&period=1"&BZ20
  6. When you have applied the hypertag, you simply need to rinse and repeat for every element you need to apply hypertags to.
  7. When you have saved the changes to your PDF, you can upload the PDF (now with the hypertags applied) along with your Excel file to the ParsePort XBRL Converter, and convert the files into an ESEF file as you normally would.

The Mandatory Markups

We have listed the general data which is mandatory to mark up below. You should note, that you are only obliged to tag the information you actually have in your report. If there is no place in the report referencing the "Name of the Parent Entity" for instance, you are not required to have that tag in your report.

  • LEI code of reporting entity;
  • Name of reporting entity or other means of identification;
  • Domicile of entity;
  • Legal form of entity;
  • Country of incorporation;
  • Address of entity's registered office;
  • Principal place of business;
  • Description of nature of entity's operations and principal activities;
  • Name of parent entity;
  • Name of ultimate parent of group;
  • Explanation of change in name of reporting entity or other means of identification from end of preceding reporting period.