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Violation: extensionTaxonomyLineItemNotLinkedToAnyHypercube

If you receive the error message Violation: ''extensionTaxonomyLineItemNotLinkedToAnyHypercub'' when validating an ESEF file, it means a line item is not linked to a hypercube in the extension taxonomy’s definition linkbase.

You can read more about hypercubes here.

There are items which do not use any dimensions, but they still need to be added to the definition linkbase. These items are placed in the section titled "[999999] Line items not dimensionally qualified". 

False error messages

We've experienced an issue where the validators used by some OAM's (Officially Appointed Mechanism) incorrectly state that certain items located in section "[999999] Line items not dimensionally qualified" are incorrectly placed, because they do in fact use dimensions.

This is not the case, however. So far we haven't had a single case with a ParsePort customer where an item was incorrectly placed in in the [999999] section, it has instead been an issue with the validator in question. 

If you receive a message from your OAM that items are incorrectly placed in the [999999] section you are of course welcome to contact our support team at support@parseport.com.