How to change the currency of your iXBRL file

If you need to change the currency type in your annual financial report, for instance if you are publishing multiple language versions or are switching from reporting in a local currency such as DKK to Euros, you simply need to change the currency code in the General Data Sheet of your ESEF tagging template. You can do so by following the instructions below.

Changing currency in your iXBRL file

  1. Open the ESEF tagging template you use to convert your AFR to ESEF.
  2. On the sheet titled "General data ESEF" you need to input the three letter currency code of the currency you want to report in.
  3. Make sure to update the figures in the ESEF tagging template so that they match the new currency before you click save.

List of Currency Codes (Standard)

If you need to find a currency code, we've provided you with a list of the most commonly used alpha currency codes:

  • Bulgarian Lev - BGN
  • Czech Koruna CZK
  • Danske Krone - DKK
  • Euro - EUR
  • Forint - HUF
  • Iceland Krona - ISK
  • Kuna - HRK
  • Norwegian Krone - NOK
  • Pound Sterling - GBP
  • Romanian Leu - RON
  • Swedish Krona - SEK
  • Zloty - PLN