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Violation: InconsistentDuplicateNumericFactInInlineXbrlDocument

The error message "Violation: InconsistentDuplicateNumericFactInInlineXbrlDocument" means that you have used the same numeric taxonomy element to mark-up at least two different figures.

If, for instance, you use "revenue" to mark-up the figure 1000 in one place of your annual report but then use it again in another place of your annual report to mark up the figure 1500, then you are creating inconsistent numeric facts.

Solving the Issue

Commonly, there are two different reasons you can experience this issue. Either you have made a mistake in your mapping, or you have made a mistake in the figures. Luckily, fixing this issue is a simple process.

  • If you are sure that the variation in figures is 100% correct, then it most likely means there's a mistake in the mapping. This can be corrected by either selecting a new numeric taxonomy element for one or more of the elements in question, or creating an extension anchored to the taxonomy element you originally chose.
  • If there's a mistake in your figures such as a typo, then you simply need to correct the figures.