How To Generate a Fact List

One of the things your auditor will likely ask for is a list of the taxonomy elements used in your report along with certain key information related to different elements.

Instead of having you create this list manually, the ParsePort Inspector allows you to generate and download it. This document is called fact list, and you can use it internally for analysis or send it to the auditors for review.

What is a fact list?

A fact list is a list of every taxonomy element used in your report along with information like label name, taxonomy name, unit, value, balance, period type, item type, decimals, scale, and the beginning end of the period.

The fact list includes the list of all the mappings, including the extensions. Please note that the elements associated with the company’s general data/notes that were tagged via hyperlinks in the visual part also fall under this list.

How to download a fact list?

  1.  Start by navigating to, you can use your credentials to log in 
  2. After logging in you need to start by using:
    Convert feature to create your ESEF file in the system by uploading both the Excel and PDF:

    Open feature to upload your ESEF file (ZIP package) previously downloaded from the system: 

  3. After the conversion, click the menu item labeled Facts where you will find the list of all the elements marked up in your report. Click the document icon labeled with an "X" at the top right corner to download an Excel sheet containing the fact list.

Additionally, you can use ParsePort Inspector Manual where export options are explained in detail.