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I have figures in my note, does ParsePort need to map them?

Figures and values included within the notes section for the primary financial statements do not require additional mapping from ParsePort’s side. Since they are included within the note, you would include them in the hypertag for the specific note.

According to ESMA Reporting Manual Guidance 1.9.2 : "In certain cases, content of tables (i.e. selected columns or rows) presented in issuer’s financial statements may correspond to multiple elements listed in the Annex II Table. Taking into consideration technical complexity and the fact that tags applied within such tables could not be understandable without layout information, ESMA recommends that the lowest level of granularity for block tagging the IFRS consolidated financial statements be individual tables contained within a single note. Therefore, issuers are not required to apply “textBlockItemType” elements from Annex II on selected rows or columns of such table, and instead shall apply corresponding elements on the entire