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I have my company information tagged in the first note of my annual report. Can I keep the mandatory mark ups there?

If the first note of your report refers to the corporate information, we understand that the mandatory mark ups related to the company data (name of the reporting entity, address, etc.) cover the tagging of this block text. There is no tag or element that would fit this section apart from the separated elements present in the Table 1 of the Annex II of the RTS.

However, we have seen multiple companies and auditors proposing the usage of element Disclosure of general information about financial statements in the initial section of the Notes to the Financial statements, so it can be multi-tagged alongside the company information. Ultimately, you can decide to also multi-tag any element available that may cover the content of the section where you decided to locate the tags related to your organization.

Remember that you should only hypertag your general data once.