Adding a New Line in Your Annual Report

If you have a new post in your annual financial report or if you want to solve an OCI issue (an inconsistency on Other Comprehensive Income in your Income Statement) by adding another subtotal, for instance, you will need to add the new line to both your Excel template and your PDF.

When you add the line to your Excel template, you need to make sure, that the simplified tags also update to take the new row into account. In this article you will learn how to easily add a new row to the Excel template you use for conversion.

How to Add a New Line to a Statement in Your Excel Template

  1. Start by opening the Excel template you use for conversion and navigate to the sheet containing the financial statement, where you want to add a new line;
  2. On the left hand side of your Excel window, you simply need to right click the line number where you want the new line to appear and choose "insert". Doing it like this, ensures that the dynamic formula in the simplified tag includes the new line;esef-add-line-1
  3. You then add the relevant label and figures to cells in the line;esef-add-line-2
  4. Afterwards you need to take a look at the different cells containing formulas in the sheet. Especially if you are inserting a subtotal into one of the cells (such as when you want to fix an OCI error) you need to make sure that the subtotal isn't counted twice, as this will cause errors. You also need to make sure that the formula making up the subtotal is created by adding together the correct line items, while the subtotal in turn needs to be used to calculate the greater total;esef-add-line-3
  5. When everything has been updated, you can do a test conversion by uploading just the updated Excel template to the ParsePort XBRL Converter, and converting it. This will let you know, if there are any issues with the mapping.