How to Validate Your iXBRL Files

An important part of the iXBRL report creation process is the validation. Every report needs to be validated, and because of this, we’ve added automatic validation to the ParsePort Platform, which means that your zip-package is automatically validated when you upload it to the inspection tool.

What Is a Validation Report?

A validation report is a report containing every piece of information from the validation process. You can find both the general information about your report and the taxonomy package. A list of the contents of the uploaded zip-file, a validation summary, which will let you know if there is any warnings, errors or inconsistencies, detailed checklists containing every notification from the taxonomy package check and the linkbase check, as well as a full validation log.

How to Download the Validation Report

  • Start by navigating to where you can use your credentials to log inA1
  • After logging into the ParsePort Platform, you will have 2 options. You can enter “Open” feature or “Conversion” tab on the top menu. When you choose “Open” one, you are prompted to upload the .zip-file. While entering the “Conversion” tab, you will have to upload your Excel file together with your PDF file.A2
  • After your file has been uploaded click the menu item labelled ValidationA3
  • Click the document icon labelled with an “X” at the top right corner to download an Excel sheet containing the validation report or click the icon next to it labelled as a PDF to download a PDF version of the validation report.