Can you provide us with a list of tagging options?

When you go over the mapping of your report, you may want to know which other mapping options are available to you.  

The ESEF taxonomy offers you a complete list of the available options.  Be aware that the ESEF taxonomy contains more than 47.000 elements, making it a complex read.

You do have other options, however. The easiest way for you to compare the tags in your report to the taxonomy is to upload your converted file in the ParsePort XBRL Inspector.

  1. Go to and log in using the credentials we provided you with
  2. Upload the zip-file containing your iXBRL report
  3. When the file is uploaded, navigate to the Viewer section of the portal
  4. In the taxonomy pane on the right hand side of your screen, you can switch between your taxonomy (taxonomy elements and extensions used in your report) and the ESEF taxonomy (any available element within the taxonomy).
  5. When displaying the ESEF taxonomy, any element used in your report is rendered in bold (as displayed on the right hand side of the image below).


You can find out more about the ParsePort XBRL Inspector in the user manual.

Note: When you start considering alternative mapping, you should bear in mind that not every element is applicable in every place. For instance,  a share element cannot be used in the balance where a value is stated. A percentage (an element with a percentage attribute) cannot be applied as a value in the income statement etc.