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  2. Hypertagging and Block Tagging

Taxonomy elements for tagging the Notes: ESEF hypertags or ESEF tags.

The Excel Template you have for tagging Notes includes only the required taxonomy elements, as outlined in Annex II of the ESMA RTS.

These elements are found in the ‘MANDATORY if information is in report’ section of the Excel Template. They should be used if the corresponding information is available in your Notes section. The required elements are divided into three categories: Various Information, Disclosures, and Accounting Principles.

However, the taxonomy includes many more elements that can be used for tagging the Notes. If you or your auditor need any of these additional elements, we are ready to help. Please be aware, though, that to ensure a high level of comparability between reports as per ESMA’s guidance, we recommend not using these non-mandatory elements excessively.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team with your needs, and we will provide the necessary assistance promptly.