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Will my tables be correctly extracted?


When Block tagging a note that contains a table, our engine will extract the information within the table and it will be part of the fact and the concept that we have selected before ('Mandatory element' of the Annex II RTS). Unfortunately, the layout of the table will not be transported to the fact value but its information will. As long as the information can be interpreted and resembles the original document, everything will be correct, even if the style is not necessarily maintained.

ESMA is aware of the limitations in these transformation mechanics where some information from such documents to an XBRL instance may not be formatted in a manner that is the same. See Guidance 2.2.6 ‘Technical constructions of a block tag’ of ESMA’s Reporting Manual.

Our rule of thumb: ensure that the information tagged can be technically read and understood the same way that the human readable report.