Can we work directly in the Excel template you delivered?

Yes – the Excel template belongs to you and is the main tool for preparing for ESEF reporting in iXBRL within ParsePort solution.

When working in the Excel Template, there are a couple of things to keep in mind/ground rules:


  • All figures with a white/no fill color can be freely changed.
  • Green and yellow cells contain SUM-formulas. These formulas will create the arithmetical relationships between the figures once the XBRL is created.
    Do not delete these.
    • Yellow cells indicate that there is a rounding – when updating the Excel with new numbers, please be aware if rounding is still applicable for the new sum/numbers.


  • You can freely delete accounts/rows in the Excel template. Just remember that accounts that are present in the PDF should also be in the Excel.
  • If you want to add or change labels/account names, it requires an update of your mapping.

Simplified tags:

  • The red lines of code, also known as Simplified Tags, should never be edited. If you think it needs to be edited or experience any issues with the simplified tags, please contact our support team at

For a more detailed description on how to how to update your Excel template, please read this guide.