How to change the account mapping?

There are three methods to alter the account mapping, which determines how an account is tagged with an element of the taxonomy.

1. Automapping:

This process is automated, as our engine is designed to associate an account with the appropriate taxonomy element. For instance, if you wish to rename an account from “Staff Costs” to “Personnel Costs”, simply modify the account name in the Excel Template and in the PDF. Both “Personnel Costs” and “Staff Costs” are identifiable by our simplified tags (the red formulas in Excel), and both are mapped to “EmployeeBenefitsExpense”.

2. Update Mapping Request to ParsePort:

If you introduce new accounts or alter the name, there’s a high chance that the account may not be mapped at all since the engine might not recognize it. If an account isn’t identified by the simplified tags, you can make the necessary changes in your Excel sheet, highlight them in yellow, and specify if it’s a New/Changed Name account. Then, send us the Excel template via email, describing briefly what you want mapped.

3. Direct Request to ParsePort:

If you wish to alter the mapping without changing the account name (for example, you want “Personnel Costs” to point to a different taxonomy element than “EmployeeBenefitsExpense”), you can contact us at, and we will assist you in modifying the mapping.

For more detailed instructions on how to update your Excel template, please refer to this tutorial.