Can we set up user credentials for external email accounts?

For security reasons we only allow company email accounts tied to the customer company to be used when registering for portal access. This means that the email address used needs to be a corporate one. Therefore, for instance, a ParsePort employee would need to use a ParsePort email address.

If you hire external XBRL consultants to assist you with the conversion and creation of the report, there are two ways to provide them access to the portal:

- By providing them with a company email: they will need an official company email address in order to request and receive a set of credentials through the usual request form.

- Alternatively, you can inform ParsePort through your Customer Success Manager and provide them the information of the third-party user that needs access. We will then prepare an authorization to be signed by you. Once this information is ready, we will be able to grant access to the mentioned users as soon as the request form is filled out.