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Error Message: ESEF 2.6.1 ReportIncorrectlyPlacedInPackage

If you get the error message [ESEF.2.6.1.reportIncorrectlyPlacedInPackage] Document file not in correct place in report package it is because your zip-file is named differently than the top-level directory inside the zip-file.

The main reason for this happening is usually multiple downloads into the same folder or a failed attempt to rename the ESEF package. If you download a file with the same name multiple times, your browser will often add a "(1)" or another specifier to the file to avoid duplicate names. To remedy this, you simply need to remove the specifier.

If you attempted to rename your ESEF package and are now receiving this error message, it means that something has gone wrong. If this is the case, you can find more information on how to correctly rename your ESEF file here.