What should we upload to our website?

When you have converted your annual financial report to iXBRL and sent the zip-file to the local authorities, you are faced with one question. You are required to submit the zip-file to your local authority, but what should you publish on your website?

The Three Options

With the files in your possession after converting your files to iXBRL, you have three different things you can put up for download from your website:
  • The PDF you used to create your iXBRL file;
  • An xHTML file with an embedded viewer, which you can download from the ParsePort XBRL Inspector;
  • The zip-package you submitted to your local authority.

You can choose to publish just your zip-package or a combination of all of the above.

Our Recommendation

We recommend as a minimum to put the zip-package and the PDF on your website for download. However, optimally you should also include the XHTML viewer file as this will make the technical data in the XBRL layer accessible to a wider range of audiences.