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[formula:assertionunsatisfied] tech_duplicated_facts

The message '[formula:assertionunsatisfied] tech_duplicated_facts' means that your iXBRL document contains duplicate numeric facts. This error message is accompanied by another error message, "Violation: InconsistentDuplicateNumericFactInInlineXbrlDocument", which means that solving this issue will get you rid of both errors.

Solving the Issue

While errors under the id 'formula:assertionunsatisfied' can be both blocking and none blocking. It is a blocking error in the case of duplicate inconsistent facts, which means it must be solved before publishing.

There can be two different reasons for this error; either there's a mistake in the mapping, or there's a mistake in your figures. Either way, correcting the mistake will solve both the “[formula:assertionunsatisfied] tech_duplicated_facts”  and the "Violation: InconsistentDuplicateNumericFactInInlineXbrlDocument".

  • If your figures are correct, then it means the mapping is causing the issue. Fixing it will require you to either select a new numeric taxonomy element for one of the figures. Alternatively, you can create an extension anchored to the original taxonomy element you originally chose.
  • If there's a mistake in your figures such as a typo or a miscalculation, then you simply need to correct the figures.

Duplicate Facts

When it comes to XBRL there are three different classes for duplicate numeric facts:

  • Complete duplicate numeric facts;
  • Consistent duplicate numeric facts;
  • Inconsistent duplicate numeric facts;

The Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on ESEF specifies that issuers should not use the same numeric taxonomy element to mark up different values, unless the difference is caused by rounding related to the same information represented in different scales in different places.

If you break this rule, you will receive an error message.