How to Generate an Extensions List

When you create your iXBRL report, there is a good chance that you will find yourself in need of creating an extension to the taxonomy elements to perfectly map your report. Depending on the size and complexity of your financial reporting, you may even need to create more than a few, and often, your auditor would like an easy way to review the extensions you've made.

Because of this, we have provided you with the option to download a complete list containing information about all the extensions used in your mapping.

What is an extension?

When you start mapping your annual financial report, ESMA requires that you mark-up disclosures using the taxonomy element with the closest meaning. This sometimes creates the issue of the taxonomy element misrepresenting the meaning, in which case you need to create an extension that is anchored to the core taxonomy element.

How to download an extensions list

  1. Start by navigating to where you can use your credentials to log in
  2. After logging in, you are prompted to upload the .zip-file containing your iXBRL report to the Inspector
  3. After your file has been uploaded click the menu item labelled Extensions
  4. Click the document icon labelled with an "X" at the top right corner to download an Excel sheet containing the list of extensions used in your iXBRL report.