How do I add rows in my financial components?

You have the freedom to change, add, delete, hide, or group rows in Excel as you please. To help you, we've compiled a guide on how to update your Excel template, which you can find here.

If you add new text or change existing text in your Excel template, we urge you to keep in mind that the texts in your financial statements are mapped to XBRL elements on our side.

When you add a new text or change an existing text, there either is no existing mapping or you change to a different mapping. In most cases it is not a problem, as changing “Staff costs” to “Personnel costs” will still work as both texts are in our database and mapped to “EmployeeBenefitsExpense”.

But by adding or changing texts, you could get an error message from our Inspector tool saying e.g. “The label ‘X’ was not recognized in ‘Income Statement By Nature’” – or you could potentially get a different mapping.

Because of this, we urge you to compile all your changes in the Excel sheet that you would normally use for converting, highlight them in some form (e.g. coloring them yellow) and send it to us for review.

Please don’t send us fragmented bits of information in emails etc. as mistypings and misunderstandings can easily occur. Whereas if we have the entire Excel sheet with all financial components and highlighted changes, we should easily be able to resolve.

As soon as we reply, your changes are done in our database and you can convert your Excel/PDF again.

We will only return the Excel sheet if any comment needed to be added. If the Excel sheet is not attached, all changes are made on our side.