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Is there a difference between "Errors", "Inconsistencies" and "Warnings"?

There are different categories of issues when you create an iXBRL file. Some issues will block your delivery of the file to your local authority, while others are simply minor issues which while acceptable, would still produce a better result if corrected. The three different types are errors, inconsistencies, and warnings:

  • Error: An error is the most likely to block your report from being accepted by your local authority, and so, you should always fix errors.
  • Inconsistency: Inconsistencies are acceptable issues, and will in most cases not block your submission, but we still recommend correcting them, because it will result in a much cleaner iXBRL file.
  • Warning: A warning is an issue raised by the contents of your annual report. It is not an error; it isn’t blocking, and it isn’t even non-blocking either. It’s simply heads up about something within your financial report, that you may want to double check.